Sunday, May 14, 2017

Jump Start!

"Summer Bodies are made in the Winter."

We've all heard that saying, however, let's face it: Most winter days are spent snuggled up with comfort foods and drinks avoiding the cold. Even with my fit lifestyle, I can admit, I don't break out of my winter shell until about February when the pressure of the approaching warm weather begins to mount. With pretty successful weight loss over the last few months, I am nearing my goal weight and only have about 12-15 lbs left to drop and I'm giving myself two months to do it. I love a good overhaul/challenge for myself and I'd love for you to join me!

Given my hectic job/lifestyle, I've been traveling like crazy and eating like crazy. I LOVE bread, pizza, pasta, and potatoes. (I call them the deadly P's!) And while I could cut them out completely, where's the fun in that. Remember, there is no finish line in a weight loss journey, only milestones! So we're going to break this last ditch effort into two three-week challenges. The first challenge will be geared towards nutrition and training our minds and instincts to reach for healthier food options. The second challenge will focus more on building endurance and strength!

Here is my Jump Start Plan!

Round #1
For the next three weeks I will be adhering to the following plan:

  • Drink AT LEAST 64 oz of water per day. (that's 8-8oz glasses, 4-16 oz. bottles, or approx. 1/2 gallon) EASY!
  • Eat 3 full meals consisting of the protein of your choice, a healthy fat, non-starchy vegetable, and a complex carbohydrate.
  • Rid diet of fast foods, fried foods, desserts, sugary drinks (sodas/juice), and alcoholic beverages
  • Set a cut off time for eating (I suggest 3 hrs prior to bedtime)
  • SNACK SMART! Reach for fresh fruits and veggies over packaged counterparts
  • Cardio of your choice: 30 mins, 3-5x/week 
  • DAILY core work (keep it simple! A circuit of crunches, bicycles, and sit-ups will suffice)
  • Bodyweight circuits (home-friendly)
    • Example Bodyweight workout (Complete list of exercises 3x)
      • 20 squats
      • 10 lunges (each leg)
      • 10 side steps (each leg)
      • 10 push-ups (regular or modified)
      • 10 kick-backs (each leg)
      • 10 kick-outs (each leg)
      • 15-30 second plank
    • DONE!
As I always say, it doesn't take a lot to get in shape! Just a commitment to the process and a better, healthier you! I'll be starting this plan 5/15/17! Stay tuned for results around 6/15/17 as well as the second round of this plan!

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