Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Get Right Plan

Hello All!

I have gotten back on track health-wise in recent months, working out more regularly and eating better. I often pull motivation from my dedication to healthy eating and exercising when I first began my weight loss journey almost 3 years ago. After surprising myself and dropping 20+ lbs I had gained through stress, poor diet, and little to no physical activity, I am currently back to my previous "comfortable weight." As we all know, with this lifestyle, there is no such thing as a truly comfortable weight. The bigger issue is the fact that I have become more comfortable with my eating and exercising regimen (or the lack thereof) and needed a jumpstart to point me in the right direction. At only about 25lbs from my goal weight, I made a plan to discipline myself like I once had to lose the weight initially.

I give you, the 21 Day, Get Right Plan! Now, the great thing about this plan is that you can tailor it specifically for you and your food vices. I, for one, love sweets, cheese, and bread/pasta. With that, I'm challenging myself to limit these foods from my diet. These are my food vices and I realize that not everyone struggles with these foods the same. The goal of this plan is to challenge yourself to eliminate or reduce the unhealthy foods that you think you NEED in your diet and replace them with healthier yet satisfying alternatives. Below are the guidelines I will be following.

-NO Sweets
-NO pop/soda/juice
-NO unnecessary or added salt/fat/carbs
-NO alcohol
-REDUCE coffee intake to one cup per day. (**Allowed one cup of black coffee prior to workout**)
-LIMIT snacking to healthier options and carefully provisioned portions.

-Exercise 4-6x/week alternating muscle groups and full body workouts.
-Drink half my weight in oz daily (this will take a hit with my job, but I'm going to drink as much as possible)
-Protein Shakes 2x daily

I do pretty well with my calorie burn in the gym so my diet is where I needed to apply some real discipline and planning. I will be posting my starting pics on here and IG and Facebook! Let's see what kind of change we can make in 21 days of hard work and dedication!

This 21 day plan is running from May 11-June 1. If you're just starting today, that's ok! 21 days is the time frame.

Drop me a comment if you have questions or feel free to email me @!

Here's to a healthier, happier YOU!

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