Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Checking In...

Checking In

Hello All! Hope your 2016 is off to a stellar start! This isn’t going to be a full update post, as in about 3 weeks I will be doing my next official weigh-in and measurement update. Since my last post, I have made some awesome changes to my workout regimen and the proof is in the pictures! I went back to work on 1/15 and knew there was a possibility that I’d be gone for about 10-11 days. I decided to use it to my advantage as each day I’d have at least some cardio equipment available to me.

I’ve always struggled with finding a routine that works for me in the gym that I’m able to keep up with. So this time around, I decided to quickly jot down the exercises I wanted to do before I went in. It was an AMAZING help and is now a regular practice for me. I’ll share with you my original workout plan as well as my newly modified one that I have just started implementing. I have yet to complete it! I love being able to present myself with that kind of challenge. I recommend spending a few bucks on a resistance band to get the same effect if free weights/equipment aren’t available. **Keep in mind, the names of some of these exercises may be “original” but Google should be able to return some results for you. Also, these workouts are meant for scarcely equipped fitness centers. Your gym might have a machine that works just the same. **

My first workout was simple. It was just a reminder of my cardio goal and my core workout circuit.
  • ·      30 minutes of cardio (I choose the elliptical, but jogging or walking on an incline are equally acceptable.)
  • ·      3 sets/12 deadlifts (free weights of your choice)
  • ·      3 sets/12 weighted squats
Core Circuit (3 sets)
  • ·      20 bicycles
  • ·      20 crunches
  • ·      15 leg raises
  • ·      10 superman
  • ·      12 kick-backs
  • ·      12 kick-outs 

No break between exercises and 30sec-1min breaks between sets.

This is meant to be a quick and effective workout, great for those who work full time or have varyingly long workdays. If free weights were available, I would add 3 sets/12-15 bicep curls and butterflies. Amp up your fat burn by doing 50 jumping jacks between sets!

That’s the fun part of working out, aside from listening to your body to safely complete the exercises, THERE ARE NO RULES!

After doing this workout for a few days with no struggle, I added 5 reps here and there to continue building my resistance.

My newest workout is much more intense, addressing core, legs, and chest/arm exercises. This workout can also be completed with limited equipment. As this workout is meant to be “full body” you can easily choose one or two areas/day. I recommend doing the core circuit each day as those muscles recover more quickly than the others. 

·      30-45 minutes cardio
Core Circuit (3 sets)
·      25 bicycles
·      25 crunches
·      20 leg raises
·      20 toe reaches
·      15 superman
·      45 second plank
Leg Circuit (3 sets)
·      20 weighted squats
·      10 lunges
·      25 squat pulses
·      10 Bulgarian split squats
·      45 second wall sit
·      18 kick-backs
·      18 kick-outs
Arm/Chest Circuit (3 sets)
·      15 push-ups (I’m working on building my upper body strength so I do “girl” pushups”)
·      20 bicep curls
·      12 chest press
·      12-15 butterflies (light weight to ensure full range)
·      12-15 twist bicep/tricep curls

No break between exercises and 30sec-1min breaks between sets.

Be sure to stretch after your workout to minimize soreness/tightness. If you drink protein shakes, be sure to drink it immediately after your workout while your body is still working!

Staying true to the biggest part of any fitness plan, my diet, I have been staying away from known fat-laden and carb-rich foodI’ve been using the ever popular, but super helpful My Fitness Pal to keep track of my food intake. I’m not a huge calorie counter, but MFP is a good way to recognize flaws in your diet and/or help you stay on track if you do have caloric goals!

These are not "do or die" plans. Modify them to your fitness level! I workout daily but 4-5x/week is plenty! Get Active!!

If you have questions about any of these exercises or anything else for that matter, don’t hesitate to email me: themulattotruth@gmail.com